Baseball’s Replay NOC

Here is a story about Major League Baseball’s new Network Operations Center, which will be the home base for all instant replay reviews. I guess it is time for MLB to join the other major sports leagues in replay, personally, I always thought that was part of the charm of the game-a homerun hits the top of the wall in right-center bounces back to the field and Justin Morneau is held to a double, Ron Gardenhire, red-faced, runs on to the field, argues with the umpire, throws his hat on the dirt, kicks the chalk line, heads for the showers. Then at work the next morning, I talk over the cube walls about how Morneau was robbed.

It’s not lost on me that I work, every day, with technology and I have an anti-technology stance on this. I am a complicated man.

But the most amazing part of this story, to me, as a network administrator, is that they were able to get 31 fiber circuits turned up in two months. Anybody that’s ever ordered a T1 or DS3 or whatever from a telco takes a while, especially when it’s fiber. I am  guessing MLB had some money and clout to throw around, maybe a call from a congressman got the ball rolling. Who knows.

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